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Digital Stamps & Colouring Pages

Elizabeth Dulemba:  http://dulemba.com/index_ColoringPages.html
     Elizabeth Dulemba is a children's book author and illustrator.  She does some fantastic drawings, and is so very kind to share them with the world!  If you use her image to make a card, or if your child colours the image, she would love to hear from you on her facebook page.

Beccy's place:  http://beccysplace.blogspot.com

Dustin Pike:   http://dustinpike.blogspot.com

Coloring page.biz:   http://www.coloring-page.biz

Tips and Tutorials

StampArtic flower:

Colouring with pencils and baby oil:
    - I first learnt about this technique from SplitCoastStampers Gamsol Magic technique.  From there, I went reading through the discussions, and learnt a lot from a lady simply known as V, who used Baby Oil instead of Gamsol (for safety reasons with small children in the house).  V's blog is called Kreative Licence.  V moved on to a product called Zest-It instead of baby oil, but the technique is the same, and she posted a simple tutorial on her colouring methods.
   - Otherwise, if you do a Google search on "colouring with pencils and baby oil", you will get lots of matches.
   - Try it - it's really easy, cheap and satisfying!

Flat ribbon technique:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnYz5z3RKaE&feature=related

Handmade buttons: http://paulinespapier.typepad.com/frulein_jennis_papierblog/2009/08/brauchst-du-kn%C3%B6pfe.html


Bizzy Bec's: http://www.bizzybecscardmakingscrapbooking.com.au

Around the Home

         This is a great site for looking up Recipe Substitutions for when you don't have a particular ingredient.

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