29 January 2012

Rock On!

I made this card for my niece.

I have some pink fur material from a toy pig that nobody wanted - who wants a furry pink pig that is supposed to walk, but no longer does, has a broken arm, and is hard and clunky?!

I saved the fur, thinking that it would make an interesting card.  And the above card is the result.

  Inspiration: Sassy Teenager card  - Yes, I know my card looks nothing like it, but it was the card that I started from, and drew my inspiration from.
  Image: Girl Rockers by ColouringPages, Rock On was printed using the computer.
  Colouring: coloured pencils and baby oil
  Embellishments: Brads and eyelets


22 January 2012

At the beach

I made this card for my friend's birthday.

The image is cut from an old card from the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists association.  I trimmed the card down, and added it onto a new base.  I then added the starfish (painted with Glossy Accents to give them extra strength), the twine, and the matting.  The sentiment was printed on the computer, chalked, and stuck on top.  I wanted to give the card a lot of texture.  The shading around the edge was done with some oil paint on a dry brush.


21 January 2012

Artist card

Below is the card I made for my nephew's birthday. My nephew gets together with his grandmother regularly, and they do lots of crafty things and painting together.

  Image: Dustin Pike
  Coloured: Colouring pencils & oil
  Punch: Martha Stewart Laurel leaf double edge
  Embellishments: Pearls; easel from a Kinder Surprise kid's toy, and the "painting" is trimmed from a kids jigsaw piece!
  Sentiment: printed on the computer

I did the edging my drawing with a felt pen on a piece of foam, and then "stamped" that on the edge of the patterned paper.

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